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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its been so long since I have posted! I can't believe I have neglected this blog for so long.

Coming back I see that some of my friends who were doing HCG when I was, have also been AWOL - I guess we are all busy with life. If you guys come by here, drop me a line, I'd love to hear how you are doing!

So for me...

Well I failed this HHCG run. For me there was a definite difference, I really struggled on the HHCG and felt that the weight wasn't coming off as it should. I ended up at exactly 140lbs - not in the 130's as I wanted, but certainly for me, a decent weight and well within the normal range for my height.

I tried to decide if I just wasn't committed and I think that definitely had something to do with it, but the injections vs HHCG for me...I could tell a difference. Perhaps a bad batch? Who knows.

Still, I want to see those 130's (I'm obsessed!) and so I don't think I will call myself finished until I finally get there.

Sadly, we have had a lot going on here and I have not been eating right. I have been eating pizza, pasta and breads - all the things that even before I started HCG I hadn't touched in years, save for the occasional dinner out with friends.

It has not done me well.

A few days back I weighed in at 149.4 eeekkk! I was annoyed (OK more than annoyed), that I let myself get back there, and the fear of seeing those 150's again motivated me.

However, I am trying something a little different for now...

I have been sugar free for 3 days, and carb free for 3 hours (ha!)

My plan was to cut out sugar for one month, and then introduce only natural sugars (fruits, honey etc), for another month,  and then allow myself occasional cheats of sugar when out to dinner etc.

Though I had a screaming headache for the first 3 days (addicted to sugar, who me?), I got through it - today feel really good, and have also lost some weight. That being the case, I wondered if I cut out all refined carbs (rice, bread etc), what kind of difference would that make to my weight and well being also? 

I have also made sure I walked at least 45 minutes per day. Its spring here and the beaches are beautiful and so walking is not a chore.  I am not hungry, because I eat all I want - without being ridiculous of course, I eat until I am no longer hungry - not until I'm stuffed!

As at today (morning of the 3rd day) I was 147.4 - so we'll see where this takes me.

I will be sure and drop back in at least once a week to let you know how and where this is going.

Before I go, if you want to read a really hilarious account of my sisters first experience into the dieting world, you can check out a post on my other blog here. I promise you, it will make you smile (even as you will probably commiserate).

Hope everyone is well out there and whatever diet you are currently working,  chin up and remember:  
'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! '

(oh and of course you're health is important too ;)