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About Me

Our wedding Day January 2003
I am a 37 year old mother of one. I spent all my life 'skinny'. I was married at 28, and didn't gain any major weight until I had my son at 30.

I gained 60 pounds while pregnant, much of it because I was sick with Pre-eclampsia. I lost 30 of them but that still left me 30lbs overweight. For the past 7 years I have been able to work off about 10 of those pounds, only to gain them back again.

I have tried the HCG diet (as shown on the 2 round results below) and am also looking into an 'un-hcg diet' - will post more about this as I learn more.

I am a freelance writer, my site can be found here.
I am also studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor, and am interested in natural health and cures. Given this, HCG has been a source of interest to me both as a 'patient' and as a doctor. You can read all about natural health and organic living at my blog:

Natures Conspiracy

My high school weight was: 120lbs
My Wedding Day Weight was: 125lbs
My pre-baby weight was: 132lbs

Round 1
Start January 16, 2011 - End February 16, 2011
Start Weight: 165.2
End Weight : 153.2
Loss: 12 pounds

Round 2
Start April 1, 2011 - End
Start Weight: 154.4
End Weight: 142.8
Loss: 11.6 pounds

Total loss as of May 2011: 23.6 pounds.