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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

143.6 (+0.8)

I have pretty much stayed around the same weight, though I havent been 'dieting' at all.

I have as usual tried to make good choices. Bad food for lunch, good food for the rest of the day. So far maintenance is fine, but I still need to lose. Need to make the decision to go with this un-hcg diet or not.

Need to make decisions!

I have been so busy, had a lot of jobs come through (I am a freelance writer by trade) that have had me up until 3am some mornings trying to get them done, and my study is killing me on top of it, I'm considering switching to a part-time load. I love it though so its a hard decision.

I have never mentioned my other blog in a post, but if you haven't heard about the horrific things that have happened at Iowa Select Farms to piglets and mother pigs, I think you need to. Either do a search for it or check out the post on my blog .

Anyone that eats pork needs to boycott the pork at Safeway, Costco and Kroger, and in your restaurants. This is beyond horrific and anyone who considers themselves humane should never support these practices with their grocery dollars.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 6, 142.8 (-0.0)

Well, not good and not bad.

I really had a pretty busy day yesterday so food was a bit of a hit and miss with no real schedule:

Breakfast: Egg, 1/2 buckwheat pancake with real maple syrup

Lunch: 2 bites of my sons steak for lunch and a bite of his corn (ie. really no lunch)

Dinner: I made a delicious yellow curry with coconut milk, chicken, spring onions, potato, cherry tomatoes and rice. I ate, barring the rice. It was GOOD.

Not sure why no loss, could be the weird eating day, could be karma for my cheats the day before, could be because I under ate! Who knows? Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5, 142.8 (-0.6)

So I screwed up after dinner by eating some dessert (at least I shared!), but even so I had a decent loss.

This is really going to be an interesting experiment to see how this does over the long term. So far every day I have made the reasonable choices I have lost.

I also took a pilates class yesterday, which felt SO good to get moving again.

I just realized that today's weight got me back to where I was when I last finished the HCG round. So I have effectively spent the past 5 days getting rid of the excess 'party pounds'. From here on in, it will be able to be considered 'actual weight loss'. And so it begins.

Here's my foods yesterday:

Brunch: Broccoli with cheese and sour cream

Snack: Marys Gone Crackers x 3 w/ cheese and tomato
Snack: (I was hungry!) 1 boiled egg

Dinner: Roasted chicken, carrots, peas, sweet potato, gravy. (I didn't eat the potato that the boys did and I only ate 1/2 my sweet potato, wasn't sure where it rated for this diet (ie as too 'carby' or not).

Dessert: Shared a cream caramel with cream and ice cream with my hubby (filled with sugar!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 4, 143.4 (-1.6)

A good loss and I stuck pretty religiously to the eating like I needed to, I will be interested to see what the loss is tomorrow if I eat on course again today. Will it be as big a drop? We'll all find out soon enough!


Unsweetened yoghurt with almonds


4 x "Mary's Gone Crackers" seed crackers

1/2 tomato

1 slice cheese


Lamb roasted in Rosemary and red wine with onions, carrots, corn a very small jacket potato with cheese and sour cream. Cooked in Olive oil.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3, 145 (+0.4)

I ate:

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Out, gorgeous beef and mushroom pie with a salad and Cosmopolitan cocktail and a glass of red wine.

Dinner: Garden Salad w/ balsamic vinegar for dressing and Home made sweet potato and coconut soup (yummo but not so great for a low carb diet!) I passed on the bread roll my hubby and son ate.

Snack: (It was State of Origin game 2 tonight - huge deal here in Aus) Organic Corn chips with hummus and a bite of my sons ice cream and cookie concoction my husband made him (sooo good!)

So clearly I wasn't sticking to well to my diet. I need to get my head in the game and get religious about this if I want lose instead of gain and to get to these 130's without having to do another round of HCG.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 2, 144.6 (-1.8)

Well I expected a decent drop - not from diet necessarily, but from not eating as badly as I had been!

1.8 is a good start and will get my back on my way down.

Yesterday I ate:

B: Oatmeal in the morning with unhomogenized organic milk and a few organic almonds

L: Salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinegar as dressing for lunch

D: Home made Sweet N Sour Pork for dinner (incredible tasting recipe on all recipes!) though I didnt eat any rice with it, but it DOES have sugar in it (that I substituted with agave syrup)

I did snack after dinner just ate 3 'Marys Gone Crackers' organic seed crackers (so delish they are my fav!)  with about 1tbsp hummous

So I wasnt really eating no sugar/low carb, but it worked for me anyway.

Today I have already blown the 'low-carb' since my hubby took the day off work and we went to lunch and a movie together and I had a cocktail - we'll see what tomorrows numbers show like...

Monday, June 13, 2011

'The Experiment' Day 1 - Starting Weight: 146.4

So here is where the damage stops! I actually was 146.8 yesterday morning but this morning (Tuesday here) with everyone gone, the house cleaned up and the 'party' style foods and drinks either eaten, drunk or disposed-of, this is the weight I woke up to.

I actually had a really fun weekend (as evidenced by the weight!) I made a 'Thanksgiving in June' dinner for everyone here - we don't eat most of the traditional thanksgiving items here in Australia so it was cool to cook them for everyone and hear and see their reactions. I did it up traditional style: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, bread rolls, gravy,  pumpkin and pecan pies.

It was all home made (even the rolls - from scratch!) Nothing worse than introducing something new to people and having them not like it because it doesn't taste like it is supposed to. My husband was in heaven - given we missed Thanksgiving all together last year. It was a normal day here so hubby was at work and my son at school and with just the 3 of us I wasn't planning on cooking up a storm - I think I may have made him a pumpkin pie out of sympathy, so this was his 2010 Thanksgiving (somewhat delayed).

Anyway, we had a blast and it was a real success with everyone marveling over the new and strange flavors (pumpkins is roasted here with a leg of lamb - pumpkin as a dessert was considered bizarre!) I was asked to make it an annual event, so I call that success - even with 5 extra pounds to show for my efforts.

So now I am ready to give this 'un-hcg' a go and see where it may (or may not) lead.

The plan is to try this way of eating until mid July when I have a party to attend in Sydney. (yes another trip to Syd, I'm thinking I should just give up and move there!)  Upon return if I am not liking the loss results I will do my last round of HCG to get to those 130's.

As you see my title has changed. Ill just call this 'the experiment' for now, here's to day one!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Round 2, Phase 4 week 3 143.3 (+2.1)

Yes I have gained a few pounds in only a week :( I have been to Sydney and back for a few fun-filled days earlier this week and right now its the start of a long weekend here with my sister and her man in town. We have been opening more than a few bottles of nice wine :), enjoying a few too many mojito's and indulging in some awesome foods and desserts!

In short, I have not been holding back AT ALL. Nothing more to be said.  I knew my traveling and 'in holiday' mode would end this way.

Come Tuesday (day after long weekend fun) I will knuckle down and behave myself and a work on the 'non-hcg' diet and see how it treats me. If I don't see much change I plan on round 3 of HCG by the end of June to get me to those 130's dammit!

Happy Queen's birthday holiday weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Round 2, Phase 4, Week 2 - 141.0 (+0.2)

I wasn't going to report in since it was bad news :) but thought I would just update anyway, I have certainly been doing nothing right in terms of diet and I plan to do my 'best' (whatever that means!) until the week after next.

This weekend as I mentioned we are going down to Sydney again for 4 days and next weekend is a long weekend when my sister and her boyfriend will be coming to stay. After that, operation 'get-your-butt into-gear-and-lose-some-more-weight-dammit!' is in order!

In the meantime my goal is to try not to gain too much. A good goal to have!