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Monday, June 13, 2011

'The Experiment' Day 1 - Starting Weight: 146.4

So here is where the damage stops! I actually was 146.8 yesterday morning but this morning (Tuesday here) with everyone gone, the house cleaned up and the 'party' style foods and drinks either eaten, drunk or disposed-of, this is the weight I woke up to.

I actually had a really fun weekend (as evidenced by the weight!) I made a 'Thanksgiving in June' dinner for everyone here - we don't eat most of the traditional thanksgiving items here in Australia so it was cool to cook them for everyone and hear and see their reactions. I did it up traditional style: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, bread rolls, gravy,  pumpkin and pecan pies.

It was all home made (even the rolls - from scratch!) Nothing worse than introducing something new to people and having them not like it because it doesn't taste like it is supposed to. My husband was in heaven - given we missed Thanksgiving all together last year. It was a normal day here so hubby was at work and my son at school and with just the 3 of us I wasn't planning on cooking up a storm - I think I may have made him a pumpkin pie out of sympathy, so this was his 2010 Thanksgiving (somewhat delayed).

Anyway, we had a blast and it was a real success with everyone marveling over the new and strange flavors (pumpkins is roasted here with a leg of lamb - pumpkin as a dessert was considered bizarre!) I was asked to make it an annual event, so I call that success - even with 5 extra pounds to show for my efforts.

So now I am ready to give this 'un-hcg' a go and see where it may (or may not) lead.

The plan is to try this way of eating until mid July when I have a party to attend in Sydney. (yes another trip to Syd, I'm thinking I should just give up and move there!)  Upon return if I am not liking the loss results I will do my last round of HCG to get to those 130's.

As you see my title has changed. Ill just call this 'the experiment' for now, here's to day one!