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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Round 3, Phase 2, Day 4 - 143.4lbs (-3.2)

I havent posted my beginning of the diet in posts as Ive been pretty busy, so here's the details:

Day 1 VLCD 146.6 (loading weight weigh in)
Day 2 VLCD 145.6
Day 3 VLCD 145.2
Day 4 VLCD 143.4

Of course as anyone who has been a regular reader will know, I am aiming for the 130's. In a perfect world Id like to be in the early 130's but ill take mid 130's as an end point. I don't seem to lose as dramatically on this diet as some others, so we'll see where this round takes me.

Hope everyone is well out there, I intend on spending some time this evening catching up on peoples blogs. Look forward to being a little more 'checked in' to the community!

I have finally finished my website and its up and running, check it out!


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